m👁 name is Pitscher.
👁 am an artist and des👁gner working with technology in d👁verse ways.
Here is m👁 contact if you want to create something together.



02 2018

Advertisement for two shows at a secret venue in Leipzig. The styles are completely opposit of each other. While one is minimalistic with a fine noise texture and showcasing the great font Oxlos. The other one is completely overloaded with ClipArt.

Poster Pracht black
Poster Pracht white
Poster Pracht ClipArt

Shared Habitats

06 2017

I had the pleasure to design a Poster for the exhibition “Shared Habitats” in Kaohsiung. My former professor and her students are exhibiting media art works that deal with the environment (Umwelt). The poster can be flipped upside down and two posters together remind us that we live in a shared habitat.

Poster Shared Habitats
Poster Shared Habitats

Social Media Meditation

04 2017

For my thesis project I created a visual language that mimics contemporary yoga and meditation institutes. This speculative brand is based on the idea of nothingness. The logo got stripped away from any iconic form. The promotional pictures resemble stockphotos.
More information: www.socialmediameditation.net
Even more information in my Thesis Book(german)

social media meditation logo
social media meditation logo
social media meditation website
social media meditation book

Spekulative Gesellschaft


The Speculative Society (Spekulative Gesellschaft) is an everchanging group of individuals that organized events, happenings and exhibitions. I created a lot of the recent graphics, like invitation cards, logos, posters and leaflets.

Spekulative Gesellschaft Logo
Mit der Spekulativen Gesellschaft hat das nichts zu tun
Einladung zur Spekulativen Gesellschaft
Niche_Construction Poster

in collaboration with Rama Bielewski

Gestalten Medialer Umgebungen Poster


03 2016

Cheap and dirty posters for the exhibition called “Cheap Quick Dirty”, where students inventend B-Movies and created additional graphics.

Cheap Quick Dirty Poster
Cheap Quick Dirty Poster
Cheap Quick Dirty Poster
Cheap Quick Dirty Poster
Cheap Quick Dirty Poster

Disregarded version


Mess with tech, sense & thinking

02 2016

Together with Rama Bielewski we designed a foldable Poster/Flyer combination for a hybrid event at transmediale16

Mess with tech sense and thinking Poster
Mess with tech sense and thinking Flyer Cover
Mess with tech sense and thinking Flyer Front
Mess with tech sense and thinking Flyer Back

Preis der Medienkunst / Mediengestaltung

02 2016

The Media Art Award is an annual competition for recent graduates. I created the minimalistic poster for the 2014 edition. The octahedron resembles a digital version of a handax, the first human tool. But it also stands for the 8 fields of study in Media Art and Design. A 3 dimensional version was given out as the first price.

Preis der Medienkunst black
Preis der Medienkunst printed